This is dope! but should be with lil or no audio. 


Careful, the referee has a camera and can capture your every move

As common as the notion of an All Star Game is in American sports, it remains a novelty in football. And because of the sheer global nature of the game that makes it impossible to truly get the world’s best players together, the MLS All Star Game always seems to be a great midsummer event when the world is only consumed by (other) meaningless friendlies. This time around, Roma came to Kansas City. But for viewers at home, the main attraction was the referee.

The man  was wearing a camera on the side his head, whiched captured the sights and sounds of everything that got in his face, whether he liked it or not. Rugby had played with this idea in the past, but football - especially the notorious disrespect players show to referees - hadn’t been given this personal touch just yet. The results are excellent, from the Chicago Fire’s Mike Magee asking, “So you can hear me say bulls***?” to Francesco Totti’s tan from two yards away. What are your thoughts on featuring this in more matches?


Brazil x Spain (30/06/13)

Before the game, the entire stadium sang the Brazilian national anthem (“Hino Nacional Brasileiro”) in unison. The moment when the music cuts off and the crowd sings it is amazing.